Founded in 1998, we are an international creative technology firm powered by more than 70 talented people in Europe and Asia.

Everyday, we concentrate all our efforts on making health & beauty products relevant for our Asian customers.


The China cosmetic & nutrition industries are experiencing rapid change. 

A new generation of Asian local companies with ambitions to lead the global beauty world is being created. Sethic Innovations is their reliable partner with global connections and the vision to see tomorrow. 


Anticipating tomorrow’s trends, we provide innovative taylor-made solution to 1000+ beauty brands, combining our cosmetic, oral and beauty food ingredients with a full-service experience based on exclusive concept, formulations, inspiring story-telling, livestreaming, patent, scientific training, academic endorsement.


We are promoting sustainable technologies, green ingredients and formulations, so our customers can rest assured they are buying responsibly. 

Industry leader, we are committed to training and sharing knowledge through multiple on/offline platforms across Asia.